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Spam Solutions


The volume of unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), or spam, has become more than just an annoyance—it is a costly problem for businesses. It is costly both in terms of people's time to sift through unwanted, useless messages and in terms of network bandwidth and e-mail servers' storage space. We have investigated several anti-spam solutions and we have chosen only a select few that we implement. On the server-side, we like to install products such as iHateSpam Server Edition and Microsoft's Intelligent Messaging Filter for Exchange Server 2003. On the workstation-side, we like to use solutions such as iHateSpam or SpamArrest.com. All of these solutions greatly reduce or even eliminate spam messages.

Spam Filtering from Securence – FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

$2.00 per email account. Only works if you have your own domain name (e.g. callinfotech.com)

What sets Securence anti spam services apart from the competition? The signature profile matching technology. In other words, Securence deploys a DNA matching of sorts. It is extremely adaptive to the ever-changing spam message environment, capturing all non-text image files and other obfuscation techniques. A sophisticated network of spam traps along with other ID layers typically block 98% of all inbound spam with zero false positives produced. What's more, Securence typically strips out 88% of our customers' total in-bound email right off the top. The remaining 12% is clean and virus-free. These overall results place Securence anti spam software among the top performing, enterprise-level anti spam solutions in the world. While many of competitors claim to have the best overall results, Securence can prove it. Give it a try. No long-term contracts and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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