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Visual Studio

Supported Versions of Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio. NET
  • Visual Studio. NET 2003
  • Visual Studio C++ .NET 2003
  • Visual Studio. NET 2005 (coming soon)
  • Visual C# .NET 2003
  • Visual J# .Net 2003
  • Visual Basic .NET 2003
  • .NET Framework

Let the Visual Studio developers at InfoTech create a multi-system integrated solution that will fully serve the needs of your enterprise.

InfoTech experts have extensive experience delivering Visual Studio applications and can develop the entire application for you or can mentor your staff throughout the application development process. We will show you how deploying a Visual Studio project can create a seamless information environment within your organization.

An application developed with Microsoft's revolutionary Visual Studio enables your enterprise to benefit from unprecedented transparent integration across multiple platforms including the Internet. Visual Studio removes traditional barriers to integration such as multiple data storage locations, technical complexities, and high cost, enabling users to do things never before possible, including integrating fax, e-mail and phone services, centralizing data storage, and synchronizing computing devices for automatic updates. By providing a straightforward mechanism for integration across multiple systems, Visual Studio applications are also able to generate new value from legacy and current applications.

Benefits of a Visual Studio Application

Boundaries between applications and the Internet are erased

Instead of interacting with an application or a single Web site, Visual Studio will connect the user to an array of computers and services that will exchange and combine objects and data.

Your data is kept secure in many ways

Your web services can transmit and receive XML data over encrypted SSL connections using secure sockets or the standard HTTPS protocol. In addition, any number of data encryption and/or access control algorithms can be employed to keep data stored in your databases safe from data spies and hackers.

Software can be rented over the Internet instead of being purchased

Essentially, the Internet will be housing all your applications and data. Users will have access to their information on the Internet from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Seamless connection to virtually any popular database

One of the primary requirements of many Web services is to be able to retrieve data from, or store data in a database. Visual Studio supports a variety of data models and access methods to help developers connect their Web services to virtually any popular database including Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

Multiple platform application development

The Visual Studio development environment allows developers to create applications that run in Windows, in Web browsers, on smart devices, and more. Once a developer creates an application for one platform, companion applications that run on other platforms are easy to create, such as porting a Windows application to a smart device. This cross-platform functionality saves time and money during the application development process.

Deploying a Visual Studio Project

Application deployment is one of the most robust features of Visual Studio. For instance, if an error occurs during the installation process, the system goes back to the state before the installation was done. Installed applications can be uninstalled completely. User interfaces can be easily added. Projects can be created on different kinds of distribution media. If installed files get corrupted, reinstallation is a snap. These and many more features make deploying a Visual Studio project robust and reliable.

Because support of Visual Studio is the major strength of its organization, ITP's deployment experts will demonstrate how easy an implementation can be. You bring the knowledge of your processes and products and see how deploying a Visual Studio project with InfoTech's technical team will improve the productivity of your organization.

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